Kerry Thomas:

Freelance website designer in Derbyshire

Hello, I’m Kerry. I’m the website designer.

Originally I come from Essex, but please don’t hold it against me. I’ve lived in Derby in Derbyshire for the last nine years so I like to think I’m now a fully-fledged duck.

My aim is to help busy business owners and freelancers with their website designs, either on WordPress or using a tool like Adobe XD. I’ll spruce your website up and make it perfect for your brand and perfect for your ideal clients.

Working hours (availability)

The narcissistic bit.

I’ve been a freelancer since 2018, and one of those ‘creative-types’ for even longer. But, I won’t bore you with all of the details of my life.

My first exploration into design was using an early version of Photoshop on Windows 98 to create an image with a real sky as the background. It looked pretty shite.

Continuing to be an arty type I did things like painting and crafts in my spare time. And, even cringier things like Photoshopping my MySpace profile pictures to be more emo/scene kid. There’s not a lot of things I don’t cringe about from that era of my life.

Then, I went off to college and Uni. I studied Film but found more passion and joy in marketing and design. Eventually, I got a job within digital marketing and design, and well the rest is history (and accessible on my LinkedIn profile).

Me, as a designer.

The thing I love most about commercial design and website design is that you are faced with a challenge. You have to sell the business, you have to signify their brand attributes, and you have to create the right feeling across the website/design.

Each business is different, because each business owner is different and each business culture is different. And, these things all play a part in what the brand really is and how the design and website design form.

It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to get a new client. To then have to stop and think, which direction should this go in? Is this business something that can sit outside of the box, or does it suit something more traditional in its styling? Who are the clients and what appeals to them?

I truly love the process, and how each client and job follows it’s own journey. It makes my life so much more interesting and my work so rewarding. I find myself so proud and pleased with the work that I do, because I know I’ve given it my full effort and passion.

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