What To Tweet On Your Business Twitter Account

The ABC’s of what to tweet on your business Twitter account.

You sometimes can get stuck for ideas of what to tweet on your business twitter account. We’ve all been there.

Especially considering that tweeting experts have done studies to suggest that your business twitter account should post between 5 -15 times per day. (Check out this post for some more detailed information).

And, that these tweets should also be spaced out across the day.

So, to help you meet your tweeting targets I’ve put together a fun little cheat sheet to help prompt tweet ideas and fill up your social media content calendar.

This is really helpful for small businesses, freelancers, or those new to social media marketing. It can be a great jumping-off point to help increase your number of tweets. But, I do really hope that others find this useful too!

So, without further ado, the ABC’s of what to tweet on your business twitter account.

Cheat-sheet: What to post on your business twitter account.

A – Ask your followers a question

B – Behind the scenes action

C – Chime in on popular culture

D – Display your recent work

E – Engage with and comment on tweets

F – Fun Stuff (like riddle’s or games)

G – Giveaways, contests, and promotions

H – Hashtags that you can comment on

I – Inspirational images, quotes, ideas, and stories!

J – Jokes, GIF’s, stories, etc.

K – Knowledge is power, share what you know

L – Live tweeting

M – More about your business and the people who work there

N – News! Talk about big topics

O – Other people’s content!

P – Poll

Q – Quick tips

R – Recommend websites, tools, blogs, influencers and more

S – Share your other social profiles

T – Testimonials and reviews

U – Update with blogs

V – Video content

W – Website pages

X – X-hibit your products or services

Y – Your personal experience

Z – Zone into your zone (aka, where you live)

Tweet prompts for your business twitter account.

So, now I’m going to elaborate on each of these prompts with a few ideas of different things that could work well.

A – Ask your followers a question.

Something social like ‘What’s for lunch’ can work well, or something business-related like ‘which social media channel works best for you?’

Just be ready to like and reply to any responses that you get. It’s always good to get a conversation going on your twitter account and to build a relationship with your followers.

B – Behind the scenes action

This could be a tour of the office, a ‘how it’s made’ style post, a picture of the staff room, etc., the possibilities depend on your business.

C – Chime in on popular culture

Tweet about popular films, TV shows, music, celebrities or anything like this that could relate to your business. For example, if you bake cakes, tweeting about the Great British Bake Off could bring new interested followers to your account.

D – Display your recent work

If you, or your business as a whole, have recently done some great work share it on your account. It’s a great way to promote what you do.

E – Engage with and comment on tweets

Retweet interesting tweets with a comment relating it back to your business. Retweeting with a comment ensures your image and your twitter account is visible.

F – Fun Stuff

Share riddle’s, a quiz, or games to boost engagement. Try to make them relevant to your business and your brand.

G – Giveaways, contests, and promotions

This can boost engagement and bring new followers to your account.

H – Hashtags

Don’t forget to regularly check the trending hashtags and think of something relevant to say.

I – Inspirational

Inspirational images, quotes, ideas, and stories can really capture people’s interest. A lot of people can relate to this type of content.

J – Jokes

Joke around with funny GIF’s, images, or stories that you have to share. Everyone likes to laugh, so as long as it works for your brand and you’re not likely to offend your core customers.

K – Knowledge is power

Share something you have learnt at your business. Share your wisdom or how you complete a particular task. Exhibiting your knowledge will help customers build trust in your business.

L – Live tweeting

This is more popular on personal twitter accounts but if there is something fun and relevant that you can live tweet then it will bring value to your audience. It could be a TV show, a cultural event, a business event, or even something like your office’s charity chilli eating competition (although for the last one I’d prefer to see a video!)

M – More about you

Mystery is not always the best thing for your business. Gain greater trust and authenticity by sharing more about your business… this would be things like why did it start, where did it all begin, what is your stance on X, who works there, what are the team’s like, and other things like this. Share all about your business and the people who work there.

N – News!

Share and comment on the big news. Just shy away from anything too political or divisive, unless that represents your brand.

O – Other people’s content!

Never claim it as your own. But, if you come across a piece of great content that will be of value to your followers, be sure to share it with a comment.

P – Poll

Put together a quick poll. Followers tend to engage with these and the results can be interesting.

Q – Quick tips

Tweet a quick tip relating to your business. I personally like to do a quick bullet-pointed list of quick and simple tips. This is just another way of adding value to your followers.

R – Recommendation

Share the love! Tweet about your favourite websites, tools, blogs, influencers, businesses and more. So long as it is relevant to your audience and you aren’t promoting your direct competitors, of course.

S – Social on social

Occasionally it is worthwhile sharing your other social media accounts too.

T – Testimonials and reviews

Posting these is a great way to highlight the successes of your business.

U – Update with blogs

Don’t forget to update your followers on your blog posts, both new and old. As long as it is still relevant, interesting or useful to your audience, don’t be afraid of sharing old content.

V – Video content

You can’t escape the chatter of how big video marketing is going to become, so get ahead with a little bit of video content. You could try a relevant vlog, a quick explainer video, a product video, or anything that will bring value to your followers.

W – Website pages

When in doubt just share your website! Share your about page with a relevant tweet. Or, just highlight something on the home page.

X – X-hibit your products or services.

Right, don’t start. I know ‘x-hibit’ isn’t a real word. But, I needed to make the X relevant and also get in this great tweeting prompt. Tweeting every so often about one of your products or services can highlight different features of your business to your customers.

Y – Your personal experience

Yes, you, social media person! It’s time to share a little bit about who you are, your likes, your dislikes, and other stuff like this.

Z – Zone into your zone

Tweet about where your business is located and what is happening locally to you. You can add a relatable element to your tweets which appeals to customers.

Weee-ow. So, there you have 26 different tweeting prompts that you can use to think of what to post on your business twitter account.

Some of these can be really helpful for other social media channels too. If you’ve found it useful why not follow us on Twitter? We share friendly and informative stuff relating to website design, marketing, small business issues, freelancing, graphic design and more.

Thanks for reading!

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